From child soldier to US immigrant, to being shot 3 times and then surviving cancer, we follow the incredible story of the world renowned, award winning body building George Farah. We captured both sides of the story as we filmed with the most famous and decorated bodybuilders in the world from the past, present and future, Branch Warren, Kai Green, Dexter Jackson, Dennis James & more!

They sport different structures and are in 2 different divisions (bodybuilding and classic) and move differently...Ray Baker is training Tony and Joe for their return to the IFBB stage and emphasizes "natural movement" and flow when referring to a physique or executing an exercise.

Ray makes a few references to old school bodybuilders and how they trained and retained a more athletic flow, more detail and tight and active cores thus influencing his own approach to catering movements and execution for his own clients.Tony and Joe will link up a few times in the morning on their way to the Tampa Pro and Texas Pro. Stay tuned.

How do you build a better back? Chances are you could pick up a few tips from the owner of one of the best backs in the history of bodybuilding... none other than Johnnie Jackson himself. Here he takes IFBB Pro Joe Mackey through some of his own favorite old school lifts and cues to "wake up" Joes back and to get it firing like never before.

Hard is relative...Guy Cisternino, Branch Warren, Brett Wilkin and Robert Cartalemi give their insight on how you might change perspective on what hard is with more life experience.
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