BB PRO Hunter Labrada

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We are 24 hours out from the Tampa Pro and Hunter Labrada's IFBB Pro debut. It is a much anticipated pro debut and one characterized by a saying to focus on doing everything to the best of your ability in the present moment, which for most people feels small and insignificant, to pay off big time long term. "WIN THE DAY." Win the present day which turns into weeks, months and years of doing 100% everything you can to accomplish any goal. Bryan Troianello has been the man the last few years contributing non stop valuable insight, energy and training partner support that helped Hunter truly take sets where they needed to go in order to prepare for the Jr. USA, the NPC Nationals and now the Tampa pro. Also in the Hunter camp (and this goes without saying) are Robin and Lee Labrada who are also present in Tampa and in this episode. "You are the average of the company you keep." If you dont have good people around you, LEVEL UP no matter what. Stay tuned as we bring you up to the day coverage on Hunter Labrada and Joe Mackey. Both bringing here to Tampa in 2020!


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