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New martial arts club in Helsinki

Triskelion Kung Fu Club was based in May 2013 in Finland,Helsinki city.
The club is a society of adherents of martial arts. Triskelion Kung Fu Club presents a modern martial art Aggressive Self-Defense Kung Fu System (ASDKS).
The Aggressive Self Defense Kung Fu System (ASDKS) is based on Win Chun style. The system is supplemented with additional elements of fight, developed by the creators of the system for increasing combat effectiveness. The system is adapted to the real street fight and includes a punching and kicking technique antigrappling technique, technique with the weapon (knife, short stick). The main concept is based on the advance of the suppression of the aggressor at the beginning of the fight.
At our training, after the drill performed by reflex (automatic) we do it in full contact with the protective ammunition.
At the end of each training necessarily carried training fights with the protective ammunition.
We are not trying to copy the beautiful movements. We do not blindly copy the technique. We are strive for effectiveness of the fight.
More information is here: Site of Triskelion Kung Fu Club Helsinki Win Chun puukkotaistelu tehokas itsepuolustus, liikunta, urheilu, terveys, taistelulajit, wing tsun
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