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On vaan odottavan aika helvetin pitkä. Tekijät sanoivat että peli ei tule edes "Blizzard soon", eli eiköhän tässä puhuta jostain 3-4 vuodesta. 😅


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Kyllähän tämä paperillakin hyvältä vaikuttaa.
Toki muutaman vuoden aikana voi moni asia muuttua. :LOL:

Developer answers from Quin69's stream (Joe Shely, one of two lead game designers):
  • Expansions will be bringing new content
  • There will be something similar to paragon levels, that "fulfills that same goal" as paragon levels did.
  • Activities:
    • Key dungeons (inspired by Greater Rifts, they will scale up)
    • There are hundreds of dungeons and at max level you will have a key drop that will turn any dungeon to a max level key dungeon (similar to Mythic+ in WoW). The key has affixes on it that changes mechanics of the dungeon and boss.
  • Items
    • Generic classless legendaries, specific skill legendaries (teleport cooldown removed, nova on target when you teleport to it etc).
    • Legendaries are to further customize skills beyond the skill system
    • Not going the +300, 3000% buffs to damage route
    • Set aesthetics are very important, but sets will not be the best items in endgame.
    • Legendaries are either as powerful or more powerful than sets - seemingly sets are weaker than a collection of legendaries.
    • Transmog will possibly be coming back
    • Predominant source of getting items should be killing monsters
  • No specific solo "self-found" game mode.
  • Leaderboards
    • Will go more in the direction of leaderboars for very specific activities like the seasonal conquest ones
  • Trading
    • No Auction House
    • No specific trading system yet, just a concept:
      • 3 types of items - tradeable all the time (consumable, crafting mats), tradeable once and then bound, and non tradeable.
  • Crafting
    • It will not be viable as an exclusive endgame (you can't "just" be a crafter)
    • A lot of the endgame will be item modification
    • Will be very much linked to the overworld
  • There will be seasons
    • Each season will have different "most powerful" items, so the metagame shifts
  • Skills
    • Leveling up gives you skill points and you can make your skills more powerful
    • Skill tomes for skill points
  • Monetization
    • Base game and expansions
    • Cosmetic microtransactions
  • UI
    • Probably no UI addons and DPS meters and similar
    • All keybinds can be changed
    • "Elective mode" is the default, any skill can go anywhere
Other things we found out from the streams:
  • The biggest thing that was perhaps a bit muddled in the official announces is the "shared world" aspect of the game. What it's looking like right now is that players will just be there as you travel the world at all times. The towns are obviously a zone where we'll see a lot of players and we do know the world bosses and PvP zones will be full multiplayer, but it seems the entire overworld will be populated by players you run in to. Dungeons, on the other hand, are clearly instanced and are only for you and your party.
    Blizzard did state that there will be an option to turn the shared world element off, and that you will be able to go through it on your own (although world bosses might be impossible to kill that way - but you can still get a custom party set up to down it without having to turn on the shared world).
  • Spacebar is a default dodge ability with no cooldown (at the moment).
  • There's an auto-walk toggle, so you just have to move your mouse and not click it for movement.
  • Sorceress active skill list, just to get a feel for the amount available, split into Minor Destruction, Major Destruction, Defensive, Conjuration, Mastery and Ultimate. The other two classes have the same setup, with the first two tabs named differently but still basically being "generators and spenders".
  • The talent tree (Druid)
    • The upgrades are small-ish % buffs to things like move speed, resource generation, bleed on crit and similar, capping out at 10-20%. There's somewhat bigger talents as well, like gaining berserking (damage buff etc) each time you use a specific skill and other talents that buff the berserk (this is for barbarian). Obviously this will significantly change during development.
  • Runes and runewords
    • It seems all runes requires runewords to work, if you just slot in one it doesn't work and says "incomplete". There are primary and secondary runes, with the Vex part of the rune setting up that the next tune linked to it will trigger when you use a healing potion and the Dol part determining that the buff you get when drinking it will be +50% crit for 7 seconds.
  • Druid legendary staff

Misc stuff in no particular order:
  • Contextual climbing and interaction with the environment
  • Much smoother gameplay with animation cancelling
  • There is a cooldown reduction stat in the game
  • There's a legendary ring that summons flame hydras
  • There was a weird bug or similar where Quin got loot from the world boss without even having seen him at all, the legendary drop just popped up on his map.
*All images taken from Bluddshed and Quin69's streams.

Lähde: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/46583-new-information-from-dev-interview-and-streams-key-dungeons-expansions-no-ah-and-more/

We have a whole lot more new info with another dev interview, this time from Rhykker's stream, with David Kim, the second lead designer!

  • Mythic quality are the best items in the game
    • 4 legendary powers on each one
    • can only equip only one
  • Only attack and defense base stats with many additional affixes (no strength, dexterity etc)
  • You can get more powerful versions of the same items even in the endgame
  • Gambling with gold is back, can get the best items in the game to make gold valuable
  • Gems
    • socketed in jewelry, but only utility buffs (item/gold find etc)
  • There will be something like item or gold find, but they won't compete with other affixes that actually give you power.
  • Nothing is definitive, but the shoulder slot is gone for now - so a look/armor set can be without a shoulder piece
  • Some class skill crossover in the endgame is possible, legendaries granting another classes skills, but not too much of it
  • Treasure goblins return!
  • Runewords:
    • Only max 2 runes combined for now
    • Condition and effect runes
    • The condition can be on stun, on potion drink etc.
  • Differentiating the elemental skills - Sorc lighting is short term, Druid storm skills are more persistent, you use them then do other stuff as they are going on
  • The Arsenal system (2 1handed 2 2 handed weapons) gives the Barbarian more variety and more hooks to link to skills (when you use dual wield then a 2h mace you get a buff etc)
  • No diminishing returns on CCs - which makes unstoppable skills very important
  • Asymmetrical class design - Sorc has a larger talent tree than others with more options
  • You can reset talents probably for free, can't reset skills.
  • There is level scaling in the game, so you can play with any of your friends regardless of level, but the goal is to have a felt power progression so it doesn't negate it.
  • Clan bank, more social features to come
  • Leaderboards for competing with people you know
  • The campaign experience is completely private
  • Group play vs. solo pay should be completely balanced in terms of rewards, but they're leaning towards group play if they can't get it exactly right
  • Harsh death penalty
    • Running back from last checkpoint
    • You drop a gold pile you have to reclaim
  • Maximum level is currently 40
  • Cinematic action scenes will be present in the game (similar to the one after the first dungeon in the demo, but action-focused)
  • Controller support for PC
  • The key dungeons offer a better chance of setup than Greater Rifts, as you'll know what type of enemies are in the dungeon you got your key for, as well as the affixes on the key and how the dungeon will change.
  • Hardcore mode returns
  • Specific PvP modes are being explored. Mixed PvP and Pve modes as well.

Lähde: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/46588-more-new-info-second-dev-interview-from-streams/

Kummankin infot koostettu striimeistä.


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Odotellessa kannattaa tutustua Path of Exilen 4.0 massiiviseen päivitykseen joka tulee ensivuoden alkuun. Tietty peliä pääsee jo nyt pelaamaan ja aina ilmaiseksi. Toivottavasti D4 tulee menemään enemmän PoE:n suuntaan sillä D3 oli liian "for dummyes" että taisin leveelata vain yhden ukon maximiin ja mielenkiinto loppui, toisin kuin D2 kanssa jota tuli tahkottua pitkään.

Itse olen myös pre-orderanut steamista Wolcen nimisen pelin joka putoo samaan genreen, julkaisuun on pelottavan vähän aikaa ottaen huomioon että mun mielestä tämä ei ihan viel ole samalla tasolla että pystyisi haastamaan D3(4) ja PoE:n.

Mitä varmimmin tietty myös D4 tulee sitten aikanaan ostettua, mutta mielenkiinnolla jään seuraamaan mihin suuntaan asiat muuttuu.


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PoE 4.0.0 tulee vasta noin vuoden päästä. Se esitellään ekan kerran tässä kuussa ExileConissa, mutta matkaa julkaisuun on reippaasti. 3.9.0 tulee joulukuussa, ja siitä eteenpäin normaaliin tapaan 3kk välein 3.10.0, 3.11.0 jne kunnes 4.0 on valmis. 3.12.0 asti tulee varmasti ennen nelosta.

Erinomainen pelihän se on.

Tuon Wolcen hankin jo Kickstarterista kesällä 2015 kun sen nimi oli vielä Umbra.
Jännä nähdä tuleeko siitä mitään.

Kyllä mä luulen että D4 vähän syvempi on kuin 3, mutta PoE tasoille asti ei kyllä mene. Sen näkee jo noista kerrotuista asioista.


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Aah, my bad, oletin että 3.9 -> 4.0 mutta tossahan linkissä se selkeesti lukee. Noh exileconista sitten lisää infoa siitäkin. Tossa olisi sitten Wolcenille (ainut) mahdollisuus iskeä hyvissä ajoin ennen D4 ja PoE4 julkaisua jos meinaa koittaa saada pelaajakuntaa.